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Popular cocktails: top alcoholic cocktails - ingredients, recipes, photos

Hey, looking for a selection of the most popular cocktails? Especially for you, we have compiled the rating of the best cocktails in the world! ✔ ingredients ✔ cooking ✔ history

Popular alcoholic cocktails

Cocktails are an obligatory component of all bright parties. They give a meeting a colorful atmosphere, mood and incredible emotions. The world fell in love with this simple and at the same time noble drink back in the 15th century, and since that time, its popularity has only been growing every year.

Some cocktail recipes have been passed down through the centuries and have not lost their popularity. This is a classic, which will always be relevant.

The most popular cocktails are a mixture of several ingredients. Usually, the drink contains no more than 5 ingredients. The main ingredient, of course, is the alcoholic beverage, which sets the tone and taste of the cocktail itself. Additional ingredients such as fruits, spices and juices only help to reveal the taste and give a pleasant aftertaste.

Modern cocktail cards are rich in different interesting positions for any taste. Recipes are being improved with time, changing and adjusting to a client. Nevertheless, there is a classic that has definitely passed the test for years and gained its popularity in almost every country in the world.

Top 8 most delicious cocktails in the world

We present the most famous names of alcoholic cocktails that have conquered the world with their simplicity of preparation and incredible taste. These popular cocktails of the world have their own history and original taste, for which millions of people have fallen in love with it. We will tell you everything about drinks and give you step-by-step recipes on how to make the most popular cocktails in the world.


1.  Margarita (Mexico)

Margarita leads the list of the top alcoholic cocktails. This drink of Latin American origin dates back to the 30s of the twentieth century. Due to one of the versions, a Mexican bartender invented it for his beloved named Margarita in 1936. The lady really liked the sweet cocktail, and it got such a name in honor of her.

Another version dates back to 1948. They say that the Texas aristocrat Margarita Seims in a villa in the city of Acapulco created this cocktail. Then the owner of the Hilton restaurant chain tried this drink, after which he presented the cocktail in his institutions. There it gained first popularity among guests, and then people all over the world fell in love with this cocktail.

There are several hundred versions of the origin of this cocktail in the world. And most cities and towns in Mexico and America consider themselves the birthplace of this world-famous cocktail.

Margarita is a light, cool drink with a rich, light taste. Drinks like this are the best cocktails for girls. It is very popular in summer, in the heat, since the ingredients and cooking techniques are able to tone up and quench thirst. The ingredients of the Margarita cocktail are well-known, and the preparation method is quick and easy. It's surprising that such simple ingredients combine to create such a deep taste.


Cooking method:


2.  Cocktail B-52

The second place in the rating “The most popular cocktails of the world” is taken by B-52. The history of the creation of this cocktail is associated with the name of the American Boeing B-52 missile-carrier bomber, which had been in service with the Air Force since 1955. According to this version, the drink was first created in Malibu. If you take a close look at the appearance of the cocktail, you can catch the associations of three different layers of the cocktail with an exploding bomb.

Cocktails such as B-52 are the most delicious cocktails with an interesting serving, which will be the perfect complement for an evening out with friends or a holiday party. Before drinking, the cocktail is set on fire and drunk in one gulp.

Ingredients of the B-52 cocktail:

Cooking method:

A properly prepared drink should feel cool at first after consumption, and then it becomes warmer and warmer.


3.  Daiquiri (Cuba)

This alcoholic drink first appeared in Cuba in the village of Daiquiri, after which the cocktail was named. It was made by a local man, mixing the random ingredients available: rum, sugar, lime juice and ice. This is how this well-known and beloved drink appeared, which is included in the rating “The Best Cocktails in the World”.

Daiquiri ingredients:

Cooking method:


4.  Cosmopolitan (USA)

One of the most popular cocktails often seen in American movies and parties is Cosmopolitan. In the 70s of the last century, this cocktail was very popular in gay clubs. The creator of this cocktail is a woman named Cheryl Cook from Florida. She created and popularized this drink in America, and then in all countries of the world.

The Cosmopolitan cocktail is served in large, special martini glasses that evoke delight and wow-effect. These are the most popular cocktails in bars.


Cooking method:


5.  Sex on the beach  

The cocktail did not receive such an intriguing name at once. The first name of the drink was “Sand in your shorts”, then – “Fun on the beach”. Now, when the word “sex” does not cause embarrassment among people, the cocktail has got its usual name.

Cocktails such as “Sex on the Beach” are the most delicious alcoholic cocktails of the world. They impress with their taste and the minimum set of simple ingredients.


Cooking method:


6.  Negroni (Italy)

Earl Camillo Negroni is considered the creator of this cocktail. He was very fond of a drink made of vermouth, campari and soda. Nevertheless, the earl didn’t like that the cocktail was too soft, so he asked for gin to add instead of soda. This is how the world-famous Negroni cocktail came about.


Cooking method:


7.  Bloody Mary (France)

Bloody Mary was originally invented as a hangover cocktail. Bartender Fernand Petiot at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris invented it. However, the drink was not added to the cocktail list, as it seemed very soft and unremarkable. The bartender then added salt, pepper and lemon juice to the recipe. After that, the drink was completely transformed and conquered the heart of the owner of the establishment, and later - the whole world.

Drinks with such a history are the top cocktails in all establishments.

Ingredients of the Bloody Mary:

Cooking method:


8.  Bellini (Italy)

The Italian Giuseppe Cipriani invented the Bellini cocktail. He named the drink after his father's favorite artist, Giovanni Bellini. This popular drink was invented in the same institution as Bloody Mary – Harry's New York Bar. By the way, this bar is still functioning today, and these drinks are the most famous cocktails of the world.

These 2 cocktails are a real pride of the bar!


Cooking method:

These are the most popular cocktails in the world. As you can see, recipes for popular cocktails are simple and available to make to everyone. Even at home, these cocktails pleasantly impress with their taste and fantastic presentation.

You can prepare each of these cocktails yourself at home and enjoy the luxurious taste with your loved one or in the company of friends. Moreover, for genuine aesthetes and lovers of beautiful parties, an evening rest in the bar with a glass of your favorite drink made by a professional will be the perfect end of the day. In any case, you can feel the deep taste and the most delicate aftertaste of each of the cocktails and present yourself with vivid impressions and colorful emotions for the whole evening!


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