Cakes to order

Cakes to order will make your event sweet and unforgettable! Special sweets by pastry makers from Club Split Lviv.

Incredible cakes for kids, refined wedding cakes, birthday cakes will bring you joy and unforgettable taste impressions. We offer you dream cakes to order! They will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Culinary masterpieces by our pastry makers will be centerpieces at any event or gala occasion!

Wedding cakes are very popular. You can find more than 50 types of various fillings in our catalogue.

The choice is yours: chocolate or vanilla sponge cake, Joconde sponge cake or Pâte sablée shortcrust pastry, orange or almond sponge cake; butter caramel cream or delicate custard with cherries; strawberry-banana, blueberry-currant, pistachio or white chocolate mousse. Great cake fillings also are raspberry jelly, apricot jam, caramelized pineapple, cherries, strawberries, chocolate ganache. We have orders for famous and well-liked Napoleon, Spartak, nut and honey cakes. Pastry makers from Club Split Lviv will easily cook other cakes, not listed here.

Chocolate fountains – sweet centerpiece of your festive table. We offer real Belgium chocolate only.

The chocolate fountain will bring you remarkable joy and sweet pleasure. It may become not only a fantastic decoration for your table, but also a great surprise for people in your life. Depending on the number of guests, we can offer you small or big chocolate fountain. Rental cost includes chocolate of Belgium company Callebaut and service. Callebaut chocolate is a 100-years’ experience of the world leading chocolatiers, high quality and unique taste. At your choice – black, milk or white, premium quality chocolate, which will assure the real taste explosion when combined with various fruit and berries.

Chocolate fountains for rent in Lviv. Belgium quality and unique taste.

Chocolate fountain – beautiful centerpiece for each and every occasion. Favorite speciality combined with fresh fruit and berries will be a highlight of your holiday feast.

We offer to rent chocolate fountains for weddings, birthday parties, children's parties etc.

Chocolate fountain – medium

3 kg of chocolate + 5 kg of fruit

Price: starting at UAH 3500

Chocolate fountain – big

10 kg of chocolate + 15 kg of fruit

Price: starting at UAH 12 000

The price includes as follows:

* chocolate fountain

* chocolate

* fruit (at your choice)

* party picks for fruit

Chocolate we offer is of high quality. It is produced by the world-class Belgium company Callebaut. It is known, that the most "chocolate" country is Belgium. And Callebaut – the company with 100-years’ experience in producing cacao bean products is the leader of this industry. By its parameters of selection, roasting and grinding, the Callebaut company is one of the leading manufacturer of chocolate, for which only the best, unique and exclusive cacao bean sorts are selected.

Callebaut chocolate is recognized by the best chocolatiers, pastry makers and chefs from all over the world as a worldwide quality standard. It became the gold standard and there are attempts to recreate it, but a copy may not be compared with the original by the uniqueness of the taste and its quality.

At your choice:

Belgium milk chocolate

Milk chocolate for the fountain containing 30% of cacao butter. Very delicate chocolate with a classic taste of Belgium milk chocolate – an ideal solution for any occasion. Has moderate consistence and is perfect for melting in fountains.

Ingredients: cacao butter, cacao liquor, whole milk powder, cane sugar, natural lecithin and vanilla.

Belgium dark chocolate

Dark chocolate for the fountain containing 34% of cacao butter. Belgium chocolate of great quality with a high content of cacao – perfect balance of cacao beans aroma and sweetness. Has moderate consistence and is perfect for melting in fountains.

Ingredients: cacao liquor, cacao butter, cane sugar, natural lecithin and vanilla.

Belgium white chocolate

White chocolate for the fountain containing 34.6% of cacao butter with refined, very delicate creamy and milky taste. Has moderate consistence and is perfect for melting in fountains.

Ingredients: cacao butter, whole milk powder, cane sugar, natural lecithin and vanilla.

Candy Bar – new trend of sweet buffets

Candy bar is a trendy addition to cakes. It is a buffet with various sweets. The essential part of a candy bar is cupcakes and macarons. The sweet buffet also includes tarts, tiramisu, cheesecakes, cake pops, as well as sugar candies, gingerbread and biscuits. Candy bar is designed and decorated for each occasion individually.

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