Visiting Rules

Taking care of our guests’ comfort, we developed visiting rules, which include face control, dress code and rules of conduct. 

You are kindly asked to read these rules and to follow them during your staying at the club. 

Operating hours

Split Club is a complex of four leisure zones: restaurant, show bar, karaoke and night club. 

  • Each of them has its own working hours. 
  • The restaurant is open 12:00-24:00
  • Karaoke is open Thursday-Monday 18:00-24:00
  • The show bar is open from 20:00 to 24:00. 

Split Club dress code

We will be grateful if you meet the dress code of our establishment. You are kindly asked to wear casual, culture, cocktail outfits, as well as to keep cleanliness and tidiness.

It is forbidden to appear in the club in beachwear, as well as dirty and torn clothes or shoes. 

Split Club Rules of Conduct

Admission requirements:

Entrance to the club is prohibited to persons in the state of alcoholic or other intoxication. The persons who distribute drugs and alcohol are not allowed. The club administration determines the degree of intoxication at its discretion. 

It is forbidden to bring weapons, piercing and cutting items, gas sprays and other special means of self-defense. The security service may not allow persons with these items to the club or if detects other suspicious and dangerous items. 

Leave your pets at home. The club space is not equipped for animals. 

Leisure in the club

We sell alcohol and tobacco products to adults only. Employees of the club are entitled to require the identity documents of a guest. 

A separate room is provided for smoking cigarettes and cigars. You are kindly asked not to create inconvenience for other guests and not to smoke in undesignated areas.

We ask you not to bring your own drinks, food, narcotic substances and pyrotechnic products, including firework sparklers. 

Food or tableware, including glasses, are not allowed in the dance floor zone. 

We ask you not to put your feet on sofas, armchairs and tables, as well as not to damage any property of the club. Our staff will help you to place your bags and personal belongings comfortably near you. Instead, we ask you not to leave your things on the floor, bar counter, wall barges, balustrades or stairs. 

Keep an eye on your personal things. The club management declines all responsibility for your personal belongings and/or vehicles. 

Please do not dance without clothes or shoes and do not interfere the work of guest artists, DJs, dancers, MCs and staff of the club. 

We will be glad if the atmosphere of the establishment is peaceful and friendly. Therefore, we ask you to avoid conflicts or fights and not to interfere the rest of other guests of the club. If there is an acute situation, the administration may engage the security staff to solve it. 

It is not allowed to sleep in the club space. 

It is not allowed to enter the cabin of restroom in twos or more persons, as well as to enter staff rooms without permission. 

You are kindly asked to use the wardrobe and not to stay in outerwear within the club. 

During the club events, we can take photos and videos. Being the guest of our establishment, you provide your consent to take and use photos and videos with you. 

The exception is taking photos and videos in the show-bar for both commercial and personal purposes. We respect the confidentiality of our guests. 

Please pay attention, that commercial photographing and video recording without the permission of the administration are prohibited. 


To keep track of the security of our guests, as well as to timely respond to conflict situations, there is a CCTV system in the establishment. In addition, the club is under the protection of police. 

If you are caught in a nasty or conflicting situation, please contact the club staff and follow their instructions. 

Guests who neglect the rules of the club may be got out of the club by the security staff of the establishment. The cost of admission ticket is non-refundable. In some cases, the club administration may restrict admission to the establishment indefinitely.

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