Hookah smoking is a special mystery, which is almost sacral in Eastern countries. In Asia and India, hookah was deemed a way to approach blessed calm.

Where you can find the best hookah in Lviv?

Hookah smoking is a special mystery, which is almost sacral in Eastern countries. In Asia and India, hookah was deemed a way to approach blessed calm. For us now, hookah is a real art, ancient tradition of which is worth of respect. To survive the frantic pace of intense weekdays, hours overloaded with business and the burden of choice, constant psychological tension – all these a successful person faces and strives to fence oneself off at least for a while. Split Club was established to become a shelter for those, who seek a way to indulge themselves deservedly. And it welcomes you. A wide choice of 30 brands of tobacco from various countries of the world and more than 200 flavours.

Lounge furniture, elegant design, pleasant atmosphere, top-of-the-range tobacco – all of these promotes your relaxation and deepening into your personal Universe without problems and troubles.

Hookah smoking etiquette is not a handbook of strict instructions. Nevertheless, to derive maximum pleasure, it is worth to consider advices, bequeathed by princes, sheiks and the wiser heads.

Tips for maximum pleasure:

  • There is no point to smoke hookah on ownsome. It is a way to come closer together, to enhance relations and trust. Those, who smoked hookah with you, have a right to become closer to you. 
  • Hookah shall be smoked after a hearty meal. On an empty stomach fruit flavours will not relax you, but will tempt the appetite. Therefore, first enjoy culinary masterpieces by our cooks.
  • Hookah shall be prepared by a person, familiar with nuances of composition – even the most sophisticated, consisting of more than 10 fruit. That is why only professional hookah-makers with experience of more than 10 years are working in Split Club. They are constantly deepening their knowledge and skills at workshops by the leading hookah-makers of the world, visiting international exhibitions and festivals. In future they also plan to organize a competition of hookah-makers.

Guests of the Club are worth only the best. Therefore, hookahs of the best world brands are waiting for you: Amy, Kaya, Emberry, Garden, Wookah, Maklaud, Easy blow, Karma, exclusive hookahs Oduman, Submarine, Hi-Tech and even a limited amount of hand-made hookahs – Bali, Hookah Motors, (some of them – in a unique copy).

You may smoke hookah or elite cigar not only in the hookah hall, but also in the karaoke or show-bar of Split Club.

Menu and a range of hookahs

The Split Club offers wide assortment of exclusive hookahs from all over the world. Stylish ad unique design of the hookahs will be a centerpiece of your evening and will bring unforgettable aesthetic pleasure. Large choice of flavors and tobacco will help you to create your own composition, which will emphasize the atmosphere of the night!

Do you want to choose a hookah for smoking together with friends? Hookahs menu at your disposal!

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Unique service – hookah catering – now available for the citizens of Lviv

Hookah catering means the possibility to call for a professional with equipment to any location – within or outside the limits of the city. Refined flavour of tobacco of more than 30 manufacturers, quality professional hookah of famous global brands, various tobacco mixes, individually selected for you by our hookah-makers – all these will be a highlight of your leisure night and will bring a touch of luxury to it.

Hookah catering will brighten up any celebration:

  • banquet o buffet in a cafe or restaurant;
  • bachelor or bachelorette parties;
  • corporate party;
  • outdoor recreation;
  • theme party at home;
  • smoking of aromatic hookah while watching movie;
  • exclusive gift for a friend.

Prices for catering services:

3*** – 800 UAH/h – tobacco Alfakher, Serbetli, Afzal, Fazill, Adalia, Freh trek, Smirna

4**** – 1300 UAH/h – tobacco Fumari, Starbuzz, Burn, Social Smoke, Brodator, Nirvana, Spectrum, Wadge, Duman, Haze, Hakhla, Satir, THS, AL Fahkman

5***** – 2000 UAH/h – all types of tobacco from the hookah menu + fruit bowls

The price include as follows:

  • 2 hookahs
  • tobacco of chosen category
  • required amount of charcoal
  • mouth tips
  • hookah-maker's work

The price does not include as follows:

  • return transfer of the hookah-maker
  • fruit bowls (for categories 3*** and 4****)
  • additional hookahs (+300 UAH/h for each additional hookah)

The hookah-maker requires the following:

  • table (or several) with a working area not less than 1m2
  • socket 220v (to connect charcoal starter)
  • access to water (for filling and rinsing hookahs)

Loyalty program

Are you an admirer of the Split Club? Get numerous advantages and bonuses, having accompanied to our loyalty program. LP is effective within the whole territory of the Club and is applicable to the restaurant, karaoke, show-bar.

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