New Split karaoke club – everyone may rise to stardom!

A person cannot live long without food, water and singing. Don't you believe? Keep an eye on yourself and your friends: if you need to concentrate, you tune favourite song.

About Karaoke

Some "special" song may cause you feel happy or sad. Someone sings, because it's his or her job. Someone uses music for meditation. But most of us sing for own pleasure. Anyway – everybody sings. Club Split Lviv is well-known by Lviv citizens and city visitors as a great restaurant and show-bar. And in August our club expanded the list of entertainments for its guests. Now you can sing from the heart in a new karaoke club.

Exclusive lighting and interiors, the best version of professional music system Evolution Pro II, combined system of video-imaging, professional sound engineer at the mixing desk. You can find in our karaoke club all that you could wish for.

Professional singers say that the pleasure of singing may be compared with the pleasure of massage or a portion of your favorite dessert. But it is possible only when the sound doesn't make the ears tingle. Here, in the Split karaoke club, the sound is perfect: the sound system is developed specially for this club and professional microphones Sennheiser will not spoil your crescendo moment.

Whether to sing alone or compose a makeshift choir – that's up to you to decide. Eight microphones will be enough to go round and the song list includes 50000 of karaoke tracks. Y

VIP area with a separate karaoke sound system is suitable for special occasions. Here you can sing and bare your soul. Only intended audience will hear that.

How to get iconic status?

And now – the most important thing! Split karaoke club has exclusive rights in the Western Region to conduct Karaoke Championship of Ukraine, the winners of which as early as this year participated in the Karaoke World Championship in Vancouver. We give you a unique chance to declare yourself and honorably represent our city and country in prestigious international competitions: KWC (Karaoke World Championship) and Euroke (European Karaoke World). Our club will help you to prepare for the competition and will arrange the trip for you free of charge.

Moreover, theme parties will also take place in the Split karaoke club. You may rent a karaoke room to have a birthday party, corporate party or for an invitation-only event on special occasion. Staff of the Split karaoke club will arrange your event to the finest details. Would you like us to arrange your personal concert? Everything is possible: to connect your instruments to our sound system or to invite accompanying musicians. Or would you like us to invite Ukrainian or foreign pop stars? Split is able to arrange everything you want. Pretty much everything :)

European and Japanese cuisines of restaurant Club Split Lviv, a wide choice of cocktails, refined wines and Hookah Bar menu will complement your night out and will make it unforgettable.

Stars aren't born, they are made! In karaoke club Split!

Admission price – UAH 150

Crazy menu

All of us like to sing. And to sing at karaoke even more. But have you had a chance to dance with beautiful administrator to the song, chosen by you? Or, having felt yourself a real star, to prolong the operation of the establishment and sing after working hours to an ovation of your friends? If no, you haven't lived!

But here we will make things better! Specially composed Сrazy Menu of karaoke of the Split Club will help you to make up for lost time, because everyone is worth to feel like a real star! And everything is possible in karaoke of the Split Club!


Guidelines for Visitors

  • Karaoke Split Lviv is open from 18:00 to 24:00
  • You must be aged 18 years or over to visit karaoke.
  • Admission price – UAH 150

You must abide by the following rules in karaoke:

  • There is a deposit system in karaoke.
  • You may receive information on the deposit system and booking scheme from the karaoke administrator and at the front desk of the club.
  • Management of the club declines all responsibility for material values and personal items of the guests. During staying in the premises of the enterprise, you may use a strong box free of charge.
  • The guests are fully financially liable for damaging of the enterprise's property and undertake to compensate its cost in case of damage.
  • There is a dress-code in karaoke. Dress-code – form of clothes, required for visiting certain events, organizations, establishments. Dress-code in the club – entrance restriction, selective refusal to serve some visitors (guests), who do not meet the criteria, established in the club.
  • There is a face-control in karaoke. Face-control in the club – entrance restriction, selective refusal to serve some visitors (guests), who do not meet the criteria, established in the club.
  • There is a voice-control in karaoke. Voice-control in the club – restriction to sing, refusal to serve some visitors (guests), who do not meet the criteria, established in karaoke.
  • When visiting the karaoke, a guest is deemed as having agreed to photographing and video recording and as having allowed the enterprise to use his/her photos.
  • The karaoke administrator has a right to help guests to sing songs.
  • The administration reserves a right to refuse a guest to provide karaoke services without giving any reasons.

Rules in detail

Terms of corporate events

Obligatory conditions

1. It is possible to carry out an event on any day of a week, unless the intended date is already reserved.

2. The cost of the hall rent for an evening is equal to:

  • cost of entrance fee per person;
  • deposit cost (according to "Price List of Karaoke Deposit System").

3. Date and hall for any event shall be reserved exclusively upon receipt of advanced payment:

  • advance payment – total sum of the deposit;
  • in case of cancellation of a reservation, it is possible to have the advance payment returned (not later than 30 calendar days prior to the intended date of an event);
  • if the event was canceled less than 30 days prior to the reserved date, the advance payment shall not be returned.

4. The sum of the deposit may be used for payment of menu items, orders from bar and karaoke crazy-menu.

5. The menu for the required number of guests shall be ordered preliminary, not less than 14 calendar days prior to the intended date of an event.

6. The latest changes may be introduced into the menu not later than 7 calendar days prior to the event date.

7. The dishes are served according to the previously ordered menu till 24:00.

8. Rent of the hall in daytime shall be agreed with a customer individually.

9. Number of guests and tables layout shall be agreed at the moment of reservation.

10. A sales slip together with advance payment and correspondent entry in the orders book shall be deemed as an order confirmation.

11. Duration of the hall rent is from 20:00 to 06:00, prolongation of the hall rent for 1 hour costs UAH 3000 (not deposit).

12. Final payment shall be made on the event day till 5:00 AM.

13. Glassware breakage, property damage, extra orders by the guests shall be paid by the customer additionally.

14. If desired, the customer may take away the dishes and products left after the event (packing will be charged extra).

15. You may pay for the event both by cash and by bank transfer.

16. Firework, torches, firecrackers, pyrotechnics and fire shows are FORBIDDEN in the karaoke hall.

17. It is FORBIDDEN to bring and consume your own food/alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Split Karaoke offers

Do you wish to make your event unforgettable? To play for your friends or colleagues on your own instrument with high-quality sound? Do you want to arrange your own Battle of the Choirs? Karaoke "Become a star!" of the Split Club will help you with that. You may have a corporate parties here, as well as birthday parties, conferences, viewing of sports event and many others. To implement all of your wishes, we offer:

1. Professional sound and wide choice of karaoke songs:

  • karaoke system Evolution Pro 2;
  • more than 50 000 karaoke songs;
  • 8 professional microphones Sennheiser and gorgeous retro-microphone Shure Super-55 Deluxe;
  • the opportunity to sing to your own backing track;
  • the opportunity to connect your own instrument to a sound system.

2. Creation of the unforgettable atmosphere of your event using professional lighting equipment:

  • lighting of the hall in colors of your celebration;
  • possibility to create lighting scenario for your event.

3. Use of big screen and plasma TVs around the perimeter of the hall:

  • viewing of your favourite photos and videos;
  • on line broadcasting of football matches and various events.

4. The assistance of our karaoke administrators in singing your favourite hit songs.

5. An offer for games and entertainment program for your guests, as well as selection of a theme for your event.

6. An offer of a master of ceremonies, DJ, music bands, solo performers.

7. An offer of specialists for decoration of the hall for your event.

8. Proposals for photo- and video shooting.

9. Offers from our restaurant:

  • cakes and candy-bars;
  • chocolate fountains;

exclusive hand-made hookahs with wide choice of flavory tobacco.

Loyalty program

Are you an admirer of the Split Club? Get numerous advantages and bonuses, having accompanied to our loyalty program. LP is effective within the whole territory of the Club and is applicable to the restaurant, karaoke, show-bar.

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