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How to smoke a hookah correctly? Tips from Split hookah masters

How to smoke hookahs – pieces of advice from the best Split hookah specialists. ✔ Instructions for beginners and experienced users! Learn everything about how to smoke a hookah from the hookah masters of the Split Club

How to smoke a hookah: a quick guide

A smoky hookah with a pleasant taste and flavor will turn the most ordinary evening into an unforgettable ordinance. The fantastic taste of the hookah will give bright emotions and the effect of complete relaxation.

This attribute has become an integral part of the rest, but, at the same time, there are still people who have not tried and do not know how to smoke a hookah correctly.

Before giving other important tips, the first thing you need to remember is to smoke it in the way that is best for you. The first time will be introductory and you will understand how to smoke hookahs and enjoy this process only on your own mistakes.

However, so that the first attempt is not a complete failure, we will give you some recommendations on how to smoke a hookah for the first time, so that this process will cause you positive emotions and excitement.

  1. The very first thing is to find a good hookah bar. We do not recommend starting smoking in various hash houses or in a friend’s apartment. Your first hookah must be of high quality and made by professionals. As, after all, even a small mistake while making a hookah can spoil the smell, taste and disappoint your idea of this work of art;
  2. The first drags should be slow and careful. You should literally feel the atmosphere, this special pleasant flavor, and enjoy every second, like in slow motion;
  3. After inhaling, exhale and then inhale clean air into your full chest. After this simple move, you should feel a slight intoxication and a complete relaxation;
  4. You need to smoke a hookah in a recumbent or reclining position. This will help your body to completely give yourself up to relaxation and get maximum pleasure. Therefore, it is important to choose a hookah bar with comfortable sofas;
  5. It is not recommended to smoke a hookah for an empty stomach, as a lack of glucose from hunger can cause nausea and dizziness. It is also forbidden to mix smoking with the use of alcohol. As a result, you may even lose consciousness. But, if this is a glass of wine, it will not cause much harm.


How to smoke a hookah correctly. Instructions for beginners

Hookah is an integral part of meeting-up with friends. It will make it easy, relaxed and will let it be as liberated as possible and have a heart-to-heart talk. And, if you like to spend time in a philosophical way in solitude, a hookah will perfectly complement such moments, immersing you in the world of relaxation and deep thoughts.


How often can you smoke a hookah?

You can pamper yourself with smoky gatherings, but you do not need to overuse it, because the abundance of smoke is definitely not good for the body. It is also worth noting that frequent hookah smoking can cause physical and mental addiction. Hookah is associated with rest, a relaxed state, and the lack of such sensations will always make you want to breathe in fragrant smoke.


How long can you smoke a hookah?

It is recommended to smoke one set from half an hour to two hours. It all depends on the company and the intensity of the process.

If your friends are experienced smokers and they like to blow rings or a lot of smoke, respectively, the session time is automatically reduced, because in this case, the coals burn out much faster. But there are also some advantages: such experienced friends can teach you such tricks, for example, how to smoke a hookah correctly so that there is a lot of smoke.


What determines the smokiness of a hookah?

Inexperienced fans of fragrant smoke, who do not yet know how to smoke a hookah correctly, inhale and exhale, blame themselves for the unsuccessful smoking process. But, in fact, a lot depends on other factors as well.

For example, the dense smokiness that everyone adores so much depends on the tobacco blend and the amount of glycerin in it. The more glycerin, the thicker and denser the smoke is. Also, the presence of the desired smoke depends on the filling technique and its quality. Hookah smoking technique is also important, but not the only moment that makes the smoking process smoky and atmospheric. This answers the question of how to make a lot of hookah smoke.


When is the best time to start smoking hookah?

There is no specific answer to this question, everything is very individual. It depends on your age, desire and health condition. We do not recommend starting smoking for those who are not at least 14. Ideally, start smoking hookah after 18. But, again, everything is very individual.

Moreover, if you have frequent headaches, dizziness or some kind of chronic illness, we advise you to refrain from smoking hookah. But, if you do not have such contraindications and have a great desire to enjoy the pleasant flavor, you can give it a try.


To smoke a hookah in a drag or not?

How to smoke a hookah correctly: whether or not to inhale is a question that does not have a specific answer. When smoking, it is important to drag in the smoke as much as your lungs will allow. There is no need to drag in a huge amount of smoke through force and, moreover, hold your breath. You need to inhale as much as your lungs allow and as much as you feel comfortable. If you feel that you are short of breath and you feel like coughing, it means that you have inhaled too much. If you still have not got that much of an experience and do not know how to make a hookah smoky, do not go too far with this desire - you will succeed, but later.

Starting with small sessions, adhering to the above recommendations and pieces of advice from your experienced friends, you will learn how to smoke a hookah correctly and, with time, improve your smoking technique to the level of a pro. You will learn how to make dense smoke in a hookah and blow rings, and you will surprise your friends while enjoying the process. However, this is a matter of time and practice.

Correct hookah smoking will open you a real smoky kingdom with vivid impressions and fantastic emotions. We invite you to taste this fragrant luxury at the Split Club and feel the dense smoke dissolving inside and out. It's a wonderful feeling, which you should try in order to understand. Enjoy the moment and smoky hookahs with us!

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