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New restaurant of the Split Club will surprise you with refined cuisine in original interpretation, spectacularity of cooking and uniqueness of dishes presentation. There are dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine, Japanese and Ukrainian fusion dishes in the menu. Here you can taste cold green tea Soba with salmon, coconut curry with shrimps and caramelized eggplant, Peking duck, Tom Yam Thale, ten kinds of noodles, cooked on teppan, and many other dishes. Ukrainian cuisine in fusion style will break any culinary prejudices and will impress with its originality. Borshch with rabbit meat is served together with smoked ice-cream with bacon. And this is not the limit for taste ecstasy.

Lobsters, shrimps, dorado or sea bass – all these will be cooked unusually and in an expert manner. You can watch the whole cooking process due to open kitchen. Our cooks use various cooking techniques: roasting on the open flame, using robata grill, teppan, dim sum cooker, sushi and WOK. In addition to incredible flavors we also took care of unforgettable impressions at dishes serving. Each of them is a spectacular performance, aesthetically accomplished libretto to your refined dinner.

Have a look at the menu! You will find there a lot of intriguing dishes and culinary discoveries.

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