Shake. Taste. Dance
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Shake. Taste. Dance

The bartender's day party at the Split club is a celebration for those who like alcoholic beverages and those who like to make them.

On this day, the club's bar will surprise you with fancy battles of bartenders, the best club music and delicious drinks from invited barmaisters- representatives of the alcoholic partners of the club.

The entertainment program includes energetic sets from MC Andrew (Kyiv), groovy tracks from the art-director of Alchemist Bar in Kyiv - Dj Jurgen Shustov (Yurii Shustov) and show ballet performance.

However, the hottest thing, of course, will happen at the bar. Battles between bartenders for the title of the most skilled master will include a competition on preparing a cocktail in boxing gloves, a competition for the longest shake and a team competition on preparing a drink with participants hands bounded to each other. In addition, spectacular and fun contests for the most burning drink, the fastest blind cocktail preparation and the most dancing bar.

We invite you to cheer for the participants, dance and taste bartenders masterpiece. And if you are confident in your talent as a bartender, you are welcome to take part in competitions.

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