The 8th of December. Braty Gadiukiny band presents its album “Smikh i Grikh”
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The 8th of December. Braty Gadiukiny band presents its album “Smikh i Grikh”

Wou-wou-wou-yeah, Braty Gadiukiny is rushing to Lviv to present its new album!

The album consists of 12 songs and 3 bonus tracks. Songs “Krav”, “Frankenstein/Oh My Love”, “Safari”, “Syvyna v borodu”, “Khto ty?” and “Pidkabluchnyk” have premiered already.

Braty Gadiukiny matured. Their new album will allow you to see present day’s events through the eyes of noble rowdies. You will see the world, which we create by ourselves. Numerous characters, numerous thoughts and stories – we will get to the bottom of this at the presentation.
Band participants disclosed their thoughts on the new album:
Ihor Melnychuk:
“What can I say? Just listen to it. Short stories about big Love. To you.”

Pavlo Krakhmalyov:
“Imagine, that Smikh (laugh) and Grikh (sin) – is a couple. They are all the time together and are doing everything together, and then they give birth to their children – born in sin, but funny (and smart as they are hoping for). All in all, they have interesting and diverse life! The same, as we have.”

Mykhailo Lundin:
“True-life, mature album of adult men. It conforms fully to its title. The album was recorded in the great music recording studio, with new sound and entirely different technique of sound.”

More about Braty Gadiukiny band:
Legendary Ukrainian rock band Braty Gadiukiny has celebrated their 30th anniversary recently. The band was established at the change of epochs – in 1988. The creative work of these rowdies from Lviv became a foundation for the development of Ukrainian rock music. Braty Gadiukiny combines punk, blues, reggae, folk, rock-n-roll, Galician local charm, total banter and groovy drive. It gave numerous concerts and participated in numerous festivals around the world.
During the period of the band’s existence, musicians recorded 5 studio albums, 4 concert albums and 2 compilation albums, containing such hits as “Faine misto Ternopil”, “Narkomany na gorodi”, “Bulo ne liubyty”, “Sto simnadtsiata stattia”, “Zviozdochka moia”, “Divchyna z Kolomyi”, “Zhovti strichky”, “Karpaty”, etc.

December 8, 2019
Start at 7:00 pm

Split Club Lviv

What's the price?
UAH 380, UAH 680

How to buy tickets?
Please, call: +38 032 242 22 00 or come to the club reception


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