Exclusive show from the Split Club
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Exclusive show from the Split Club

Show-bar of the Split Club is a world of jaw-dropping beauty, femininity and erotics.

Show-bar of the Split Club is a world of jaw-dropping beauty, femininity and erotics. Everything is thought out to the last detail towards comfort of our guests: luxurious interior, original design elements, advanced lighting technologies, which bring incomprehensible intimacy, exotic aquariums, which assist maximum relaxation, wide choice of exclusive hookahs, great cocktail list, private rooms and two big dance floors, at one of which a unique erotic show begins every night at 00:00.

The program of the show includes dancing of the girls, revealing the inner beauty of each of them. The dancers appear before guests in luxurious, perfectly matched and professionally fashioned scenic costumes, which emphasize the beauty of female curves. Each musical composition is carefully chosen for professionally produced dance, thought out to the last detail. Artistry of the girls adds unique charm, originality and mystique to the scenic character, while gracefulness of the moves and refinement of the dance indulges your fantasy. Here you will meet delicate and mystique Ukrainian mavka, who will seduce you with her magic, temperamental and passionate Gypsy girl, who will light up your night, strong and unconquerable vampire woman, who may be conquered only by the strongest man, delicate and airy-fairy Japanese geisha, who may win all hearts by only one sight. Guests of the erotic show will enjoy the whole hour of aesthetic pleasure and unforgettable feelings!

Visit the show-bar of the Split Club and get aesthetic pleasure and inspiration!

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