Where to have breakfast in Lviv?
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Where to have breakfast in Lviv?

Having breakfast in Lviv inspires not only to work, but also to travel. Welcome!


The answer to the question "Where to have breakfast in Lviv?" consists of 1 word only: Split. We start new culinary trips to new countries, taste new breakfasts and fill up with new impressions. Chef of fusion restaurant Split – Roman Shchurko has upgraded breakfast menu, and from now on your awakening is even more pleasant.


It has already become a tradition for us to cook breakfasts from all over the world for you every morning from 6:00 to 18:00 for only UAH 100. Big world – big menu. That's why it includes unique combinations of tastes from Mexico, Greece and Caucasus. Let's discover the world of flavours together! Waiting for you to have the earliest breakfast in the center of Lviv!




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