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Feel France in flavour

It is impossible to feel all the beauty of Paris panorama, commanded by the Eiffel tower, without a glass of French wine and foie gras.

Just as to experience France – old established arbiter of fashion and gastronomic patron of the whole Europe. From now on, all guests of the Split Club restaurant will have an opportunity to get to the heart of French cuisine mystery, as well as to expand their understanding of gustatory plentifulness of this country. Our chef interprets classic French recipes in a creative way, preserving the authentic balance of flavours. Seafood dishes in delicate sauces, shrimp ravioli, Vichyssoise soup and iconic French foie gras will take you to the sunlit hillside of Montmartre. Our professional sommelier will complement your choice with the most matching refined wine. And your table will be crowned with delicate French dessert – Crêpe Suzette, Saint Severin or Mille-feuille. Inventiveness of the chef, combined with classic French recipes and extraordinary serving of the dishes will bring you viewing pleasure and gustatory delight. 

Refined French lunch is ready for you everyday in the fusion restaurant of the Split Club.

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