One of the participants of "13 Chefs" project is a chef of fusion restaurant Split
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One of the participants of "13 Chefs" project is a chef of fusion restaurant Split

A unique project "13 Chefs" has been held in Lviv.

For two consecutive years now a unique project "13 Chefs" has been held in Lviv. It aims to unite chefs of our city. Andriy Valovyy – director for the development and international cooperation of the Cookery Experts Association "West Chef Group", founder and member of the board of Ukrainian Cookery Alliance is a facilitator of this project. It takes place as a close event and consists of several culinary evenings, arranged by each of 13 chefs-participants. Each event is evaluated by the colleagues according to the following criteria: cuisine localness (origin of the product is important for the evaluation; the highest points are assigned to those chefs, who try to use local products for cooking), unique and beautiful serving of dishes, harmonic combination of dishes and beverages, general atmosphere of the event. Scoring is anonymous and results of gastronomic competition are announced at dinner party. Culinary event is held once a month at the territory of one of 13 contestants. Besides the participants and organizers of the event, there are also media representatives and culinary connoisseurs.

This year, one of the participants of "13 Chefs" project is Roman Shchurko – a chef of fusion restaurant Split, who has fifteen years of experience. On October 16, at 6:30 PM, the chef will host participants of the project at new fusion restaurant and will give the benefit of his mastery to the colleagues. According to the project rules, during the event the chef shall arrange 5-6 courses and manage to combine them perfectly with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

We would like to remind that Roman Shchurko is an author of culinary masterpieces of Pan-Asian cuisine of the new fusion restaurant Split. Unique and unimaginable combinations of products and flavours, traditional dishes in courageous and extravagant interpretation – all these are the talent and professionalism of one of the best chefs in Lviv.

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